Full Table Farm

Mindy Blodgett and Juston Enos
Napa, CA


In 2010, less than a year after moving to an abandoned home in Napa Valley, Mindy and Juston started Full Table Farm after an over ambitious garden caused them to turn to local restaurants to absorb the surplus. The goal was to have a small presence at the farmers market, try not to embarrass themselves, and become part of the community. They were overwhelmed by praise from market attendees and many highly lauded chefs. This year, now with 1½ acre in production, the farm has an exclusive agreement to produce for one restaurant, Bar Tartine.

Early on out of curiosity, sentimentalism and slight hoarder tendencies they began saving seeds, quickly recognizing that selective breeding offered huge benefits for quality & from an economic perspective. They now select and carry forward seeds for much of what they grow, looking for qualities that satisfy the chefs at Bar Tartine and themselves. The first focus is always on flavor. From there they prioritize disease & pest resistance, growth habits, yield, and drought tolerance as they use a little water as possible.