Experimental Farm Network

Nate Kleinman and Dusty Hinz
Philadelphia, PA


The Experimental Farm Network (EFN) was founded in 2013 to facilitate widespread collaboration on plant breeding and other agricultural research, with a focus on using agriculture to fight climate change. EFN connects plant breeders and researchers with volunteer growers across the US and increasingly around the world. During the 2016 season over 200 volunteers participated in EFN projects, including a perennial kale project, a perennial sorghum project, a chinquapin chestnut project, a global trial of Carol Deppe's 'Hannan Popbean' popping chickpea, & seed increases of hundreds of rare plant varieties.

Based in Philadelphia, with a flagship research farm in rural Elmer, New Jersey, EFN is a non-profit cooperative run by Nate Kleinman and Dusty Hinz. Nate and Dusty are farmer-activists who met working on urban gardening projects with Occupy Vacant Lots in 2012. The EFN Board includes legendary seed saver Dr. William Woys Weaver, Kirtrina Baxter of Soil Generation, and Sally McCabe of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society.