Ayers Creek Farm

Anthony and Carol Boutard
Gaston, OR


Ayers Creek Farm sells directly to the public and restaurants. Their breeding program has focused on growing better grains, legumes and vegetables for their customers given their location in a maritime-influenced climate at the 45th parallel. They reselect annually using a design brief (a list of specific criteria) for each variety.

For example, they want a long harvest window for their sauce tomatoes, selecting large, pear-shaped, dry, green-shouldered fruits with high acidity and good fragrance. For their 'Borlotto Gaston' pole beans, they are working towards a tight and early harvest window. The pods must be short, loose and with just 4-5 beans in each. They found these have the best flavor and texture. Their 'Arch Cape' chicory is a late Treviso-type producing a loose head in February. It develops the classic cobra head shape and well defined white ribs in the field with no forcing or blanching. They also maintain three corn varieties: 'Amish Butter' popping, 'Peace, No War' purple flour and 'Roy's Calais' flint.