The Culinary Breeding Network will host the VARIETY SHOWCASE in Portland, OR at The Redd on Sunday, February 16, 2020 (time TBD, but approx 3:00-7:00 pm), following the Organic Seed Growers Conference.

This event is an interactive mixer designed to build community among plant breeders, seed growers, farmers, chefs, produce buyers, food journalists, consumers and more. Attendees have the unique experience to taste new and in-development vegetable, fruit and grain cultivars; engage in conversation; share opinions; and take part in breaking down the walls between eaters and breeders. The Variety Showcase is a great opportunity for plant breeders, seed growers and/or agricultural researchers to show their work, collect opinions and use input to guide trajectories in their work. It is essentially a selection event, in itself.

Save the date! Tickets will be on sale as the event gets closer. If you wish to be a participant, please see details below.


Participation in the Variety Showcase is by application and open to all. We are looking for plant breeders, seed growers and/or agricultural researchers committed to selecting for organic farming systems, as well as flavor and culinary quality, which can be confirmed in their past and/or current work. Breeding projects presented can include fresh winter vegetables, preserved summer/spring/fall vegetables, dried beans, grains, anything your heart desires. We only ask the breeding work presented has been selected for performance in organic farming systems with flavor as a priority.

Accepted applicants will have a table which will act as a blank slate for articulating their breeding story and be paired with a chef who will create a dish using the table’s feature breeding work, i.e. vegetable, fruit or grain.

Price for a Variety Showcase 2020 table is $250-$500/table* for those accepted. This will cover table rental, linens, overall coordination, facilitation with partner chef, inclusion in event booklet, and more. We are looking for diversity in participants, including but not limited to race, gender, geography, business model, motivation. We desire breeding work that is relevant and current; unique and interesting; and motivated by improving the food system as a whole (environmental and social). Learn about past events’ reach and impact here.

For questions, please contact

Please complete the APPLICATION here.

Applications are due by 12:00 pm PST on October 1, 2019.


*$250 for small, family-owned and operated seed companies, public universities and non-profit organizations; $500 for all other for-profit businesses